When it all began

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Base Pizzeria

It all began at Christmas time in 2019 when the faint noise of a potential new restaurant could be heard around the village. Simon and Dan were deadly serious about the Chippy but after several conversations and gentle persuasion the decision was made to switch to Pizza!

The 3 of us agreed, shook hands and committed to doing it right and really well.
From the refit, to the oven, to the pizza making process, no corners cut!
Simple, the best product and great value for money.

Within 24 hours the vision was ‘Base’.
Nestled in the Village of Prestbury, a place to go, homely, welcoming, relaxed and easy. Serving superb pizza the traditional way, followed perhaps by a limoncello, gratis of course.

We’ve spent a lot of time, researching, listening, learning and more recently practising.
We’re not Italian but we’re endeavouring to do it the ‘Neapolitan’ way.
It’s just us and the team committed to serving you a perfect pizza at the right time whether you’re inside with us or collecting (sorry again, we can’t deliver).

For goodness sake please tell us what we can do better, we hope you enjoy it.

Team Base