The Neapolitan way.

This a very serious thing, let us explain…

The Pizza base itself is made from Flour, Fresh water, Salt, Beer yeast and Extra virgin olive oil.
We make the dough on average 60 hours before we make the Pizza, it’s fermented not proved.
The Base should be roundish in shape, with a raised edge.

There are 5 basic ingredients on top all, ideally come from the Campania region in Italy.
Crushed and peeled tomatoes and chopped fresh tomatoes to make a rich sauce, Orchidea Mozzarella, spiralled extra virgin Olive oil and fresh whole basil leaves.

The pizza should then be placed in a wood fired oven. We have chosen a Gozney with silver birch which cooks the Pizza at a temperature of 450 degrees for about 90 seconds.
The result, a thin and colourful Pizza with bubbled and in parts, a black spotted crust which enhances the flavour.

And that’s it, all sounds simple. We have of course added our personal touches that for now will remain a secret.

We’re sorry we can’t cut them for you, it should only be done at the table. Some of you will be pleased to know however you can add pineapple!!

We hope you enjoy.